Welcome to Vail Valley Waste!



Watch for Vail Valley Waste's white vehicles as they provide waste and trash services in your neighborhood and throughout the Vail Valley. We have named each truck because they all seem to have such distinct personalities to our teams who work with them each day. We hope you enjoy learning more about our VVW Fleet!


Our largest rear load truck, Thor, carries the bulk of our residential service each week. A 2018 Mack dual axel with a capacity of 25 yards and a high power MP7 Mack diesel engine, Thor is really the work-horse of Vail Valley Waste. But Thor isn’t limited to residental routes, he can also be found servicing many of our commercial customers as well. If you see the American flag passing by your home or business, give a wave to Thor!


Gabby is a 2006 International 20 Yard Rear Load Truck fitted with a cart tipper for efficiency. Her smooth-driving smaller 240 horsepower engine and petite statue allow her to fit into tight locations to provide trash service without damaging vehicles and structures in your communities. Watch for Gabby as she carefully provides waste and recycling services in your neighborhood.


Nimble and reliable describes the little truck we call Runt. With four wheel drive, a sturdy Ford chassis and a Curbtender body, Runt may be small but he is an invaluable member of our team. When it comes to narrow rural roads, shady, slippery mountain roads or smaller spaces, Runt is the right truck for the job!


There’s a new gal on the Vail Valley Waste team and her name is Mabel. A 2023 Freightliner, Mabel provides the VVW team with the 25 yard carrying capacity of Thor but the grace of a smaller truck. You will see her nimbly working her way through the bulk of our residential trash routes each week. She is powered by an efficient Cummins L9 350 HP diesel motor. Give Mabel a wave when you see her and tell her that she looks good in the Vail Valley Waste logo!


Meet the most loyal, hardworking truck in the VVW fleet. Gordie joined the VVW team shortly after we lost a very special yellow lab by the same name. It makes us smile to see Gordie rolling out each morning to take care of our friends and neighbors just like our old dog Gordie loved his friends and neighbors! Gordie – the truck – is a 2021 International with a 20 yard hopper to help both our residential and commercial customers keep their homes and businesses tidy. Although this truck won’t chase a tennis ball the way his name sake did, we love keeping the spirit of that old yellow lab near us each day! Be sure to give Gordie and his team a wave when you see them in your neighborhood!


Did you put your trash out late? Miss a pick up? It will probably be Max that comes to help! Max is a 2007 Chevy Silverado outfitted with a satellite hopper and a cart tipper. If Max gets full, he can find another VVW trash truck and actually unload into that truck so he can keep going to help our customers all day long! Max’s powerful DuraMax diesel engine is where he gets his name. Give Max and our driver a wave when you see them.


The MO – or Mobile Office – is the nerve center of Vail Valley Waste. Byron spends his days supporting the team, meeting clients and checking on jobs and sites from his MO which is a 2020 Dodge Ram. Even though his days are busy, Byron and the MO always have time to stop and chat with our customers and friends. Give them a wave and say hello!


Clifford came to us as a big red truck. While the red paint went away the name stayed! As one of our largest trucks, it’s a great name for this 2012 Mack Rear Load superstar that services our growing commercial customer base.  Depending on the day, you might see Clifford with just a driver or sometimes with a driver and a helper to take care of our larger commercial clients.


To manage the VVW yard which includes big and small trucks, dumpsters, carts, lids and all of the things that make our business go, we have lots of big boy toys at the yard including our Skid Steer featured here. This hard working piece of equipment is a John Deere 240 that previously worked in excavating for Edwards Excavating. The Skid Steer is happily retired to the VVW yard and enjoys moving dumpsters, carts, pallets and tires each day. We think the guys enjoy driving it too!