Welcome to Vail Valley Waste!


What Holidays do you observe and how does that affect trash pickup?
Vail Valley Waste observes the following holidays  & does NOT pick up trash on the following holidays! Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Check the schedule on our pickup calendar for more information.

What time will my garbage and recycling be picked up? 
While we try to be consistent with our pick up times it can can change for different reasons. To insure that you do not miss the trash pickup have your trash at the curb no by  8:00am.  Recycling goes next to the trash on your recycling day.

What different types of trash services do you offer?
We offer Residential and Commercial trash services in the Vail Valley.  For residential trash services we offer an – on call service, a valet service, bulk item and lawn waste removal. To learn more go to our waste services page.

Can VVW help families with short or long term injuries or special needs?
The team members at VVW are honored to offer support to families with short or long term special needs. Whether you have just had knee reconstruction or have limited mobility, our drivers are glad to lend an extra hand each week. Please contact Byron at 977-9228 to discuss how VVW can best serve you!

Can I schedule an extra pick up? 
Yes. Please call or email to schedule an extra pick up. Extra pick ups may be scheduled Monday through Friday and are offered from Gypsum to East Vail.

How do I maintain my trash container? 
Vail Valley Waste  recommends that you wash out your container every once in a while with soap and warm water to keep it odor free.

Where does our recycling go? 
All residential curbside residential recycling in the Vail Valley follows a single-stream recycle process. All recyclables go together in one container – this includes commingle, newspaper, cardboard, office paper, etc. Recyclables are collected in the VVW recycle truck and sent to the GFL Materials Reclamation Facility in Denver for sorting and repurposing.

What things shouldn’t be placed in my trash container?
Loose food and uncovered trash will eventually lead to a stinky trash can.  Please bag all waste. If the can is more than 1/4 full of sand, rock, drywall etc. it will be too heavy and break when our truck tries to load it .

    • Motor Oil
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Liquid paint
    • Needles or syringes
    • Cooking oil